Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The scale doesn't lie... especially at 442 lbs

As I took that first step on the scale I was thinking "probably 410". I took the second step and boy was I wrong in a big way. On October 6, 2010 I weighed in at 442 lbs, the heaviest I've ever been. But what really floored me wasn't the number on the scale rather it was what the doctor said to me, "You are morbidly obese, you have a disease and if you don't start doing something about it, you will die sooner than later."
The only thing I could think of is my wife and my two daughters. But that was the wrong thing to be thinking about. I should have been thinking about me and how I was going to change so I can be around for my wife and daughters.
So I started to change the next day. I completely dropped fast food, fried food, diet sodas,  chocolate, candies, ice cream... all junk food. I started eating the good stuff: salads, chicken, beef, fat-free & lowfat everything and WATER WATER WATER.
I hit the gym 1-2-3-4-5 times a week for 30 minutes at first, then an hour. This Thanksgiving Day I walked my first 5K with my wife and 2 daughters.
I stepped on the scale this past Friday and it read 366 lbs. I'm down 76 lbs and I feel great.
It was tough to get to this point but I can't specify enough that I wouldn't be at this point in my trek without my faith in God and the support of my wife and daughters. Also the encouragement from my friends.
To all my Facebook friends I thank you for the support with comments, advice and the ever powerful "Like" button.
In the next few posts I will share how difficult its been, my highs & lows, struggles and what I go through daily. Also I will go back in time and share how my relationships with my father, mother and brother tie into my disease.

Comments, advice, criticism, questions and even that "Like" or "Share" button on FB is welcomed.

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  1. Great job Fausto.
    I know it can be difficult with all the temptations all around.
    If you ever need any support - let me know