Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I made it through the holidays... with a little bit less of me

Oh the stuffing (my favorite), turkey, ham, biscuits, yams, pumpkin pie, cheesecake, eggnog (evil), cookies and oh yeah the candy... Halloween candy that is.
See I started my trek in early October right before Halloween. I had a problem with chocolate and before you say "Oh I love chocolate too."
I'll let you in on one of my not so proud secrets.
I had more than a sweet tooth... I had a serious problem that led me to become borderline diabetic.
I would eat a lot of it... at home, in the car, at work, mostly alone and I would hide it... in my car, desk at work and home. I would search the ads to see what store had the best deals. And not for a bar or single bag but the big bags. Every time I would enter a store I would go directly to the candy aisle  to see what was on sale. I realized I was masking resentment and other feelings I had in which I will share later down the road.
So starting in October was extremely hard because I went cold turkey. For the first time in probably forever I didn't buy one piece of candy and the only candy I ate was a miniature Hershey's dark chocolate a co-worker offered me. recognizing the problem is the first step and the problem wasn't sweets... the problem was hard feelings I've held inside for so long. It will take time for me to deal with those issues and as for now candy is... well its candy.
Thanksgiving and Christmas was great and I made sure at our family gatherings that it was going to be about spending time with my family and not about the food. I had all the traditional foods just smaller portions worked out and drank a lot of water. A big thank you to my family for supporting my wife and I through this journey. I was pleased to see that no one was walking on egg shells around us.
I want to thank my wife who has shed 55 pounds so far and who has been a big supporter of mine. Proud of you!
So my last weight was 366 and as of this morning I weigh 359.5, 7.5 more pounds for a total of 81.5 pounds.
I haven't been this weight since 1997.
I want to thank everyone for their support, emails, messages, comments, joining my blog and even hitting the "like" button. And if you know of anyone struggling with weight issues by all means feel free to share my blog.
I know a lot of you have started your own journeys so please hang in there! I have had tough days.
A good friend (Vincent) once recited a quote on our way to Vegas... "It's not weather you fall but rather what you do after you fall"
I hope I didn't botch that up but knowing Vincent he will let me know.
Keep the faith everyone and if you fall please get back up and continue pounding away!

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