Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If the wheel falls off, don't stop, just drag it with you

The past three weeks have been a roller coaster ride of accomplishments and setbacks.
Physical activity has been a major tool in my weight loss trek and unfortunately all my gym time was eliminated 2 weeks ago.
I had torn ligaments in my left ankle. I don't know when or how just that my ankle hurt one day after the gym and I continued to exercise the following 2 days.
After several visits to the doctors and 2 misdiagnosis, the Podiatrists finally informed me I would spend 2 months in a hard cast, icing the back of my knee 4 times a day, keeping it elevated and plenty of rest.
The ride home was filled with negative thoughts about the possibility of gaining some of my weight back.
But I hadn't lost my weight due to just physical activity. I realized I would have to be more aware of my calories and hope to just maintain my current weight for the next 2 months.
So yes the injury is a setback but I do have some good news.
Being overweight brings several aliment's and for the past 6 years I've been taking blood pressure medicine. On a recent doctor visit I purposely didn't take my little pill to see what my true BP was. 127 over 89.
I just need the OK from my Doc to stop taking that little pill. I won't miss it.
Three weeks ago I weighed in at 343.5 pounds and my current weight is 331.5 ... 12 more pounds for a total of 111 pounds lost from my starting weight of 442. I broke the century mark! And proud to say 3 of those pounds were lost after the cast was put on.
Feeling great! God is good!

Being aware of my calorie intake will be crucial these next 2 months and I have to thank my wife, who has lost 87 pounds, for keeping me sane through this bump in the road.
Thanks again to everyone for their support, emails, messages, comments, joining my blog and even hitting the "like" button. Feel free to share the blog especially if you know of anyone struggling with weight issues.
Again great to hear updates from every one's own journey. Keep up the good fight,  and even though I will be sidelined for a bit just remember to keep on away!

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