Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting rid of my cast.... and 3/4 of my stomach!?!

The cast is off and on Monday my podiatrist will evaluate my ankle which is feeling good.
But before that I have someone else to see ... my surgeon so he can remove most of my stomach.
Yes, I'm having gastric bypass surgery (Sleeve) Friday as part of my weight-loss trek. I use to frown on the idea of surgery, always considering it an "easy way" out. Of course I never made any strides with other methods in losing weight.
I enrolled in a program with Kaiser called "Options" in November which taught me about nutrition and informed me about the surgery.
I was 442 pounds and now I weigh 326 pounds. About 5 more pounds since my last post for a total of 116 pounds.
My surgery is scheduled for noon and will take about 45 minutes. I will be up and walking 1 hour after the procedure. Basically they remove 3/4 of my stomach which is done laparoscopic. My stomach will be the size of a small banana. I will explain more about my diet and recovery once I get home Saturday evening.
I'm feeling anxious and believe it or not I am more concerned about my ankle than this surgery.
I want to thank my wife (down 110 pounds herself and looking GREAT) who will be with me tomorrow and who will have to put up with me during my recovery :-)~
Glad to hear all the success stories from all my friends and very jealous about all the 5Ks and gym visits. Great job people! Keep away!
Again thank you for all the support and tune in for post-op updates.


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  2. Good luck Fausto....I will keep you in prayer!