Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The incredible shrinking man :-)

A moment of panic hit me as they wheeled me into the operating room.... why am I still awake!
See my wife was already knocked out as they whisked her away for her surgery, so naturally I kinda freaked as the masked surgeons surrounded me with those giant lights glaring down at me.
Well a few deep breaths later through my air mask, my final thought was oh please don't bump into my bad ankle!
I know, I know that should be the last thing on my mind right before surgery but like I voiced before I worry more about my ankle and rightfully so cause after 2 months it still hasn't heeled correctly. I'm having MRI May 2 to make sure there isn't something the doctor missed... no ankle means no gym, workouts, 5Ks or anything. UGH!
So first four days I consumed 80 grams of Isopure clear protein, water, sugar-free jello and ice pops. YUM!
I take small sips cause my "new stomach" could only hold a few ounces. I've been walking around the house to avoid blood cots and my 6 half-inch incisions are heeling well.
Today I started phase 2 of introducing new foods (next 10 days): Muscle Milk light, Premier (Costco), Cream of Wheat w/splenda, fat-free yogurt (non-fruit flavors) and fat-free pudding. So far so good.
My pre-surgery weight was 326 and today I weighed in at 303. That's 23 pounds in 5 days!
Another panic moment so I called the Bariatric Care Coordinator to see if this is the norm. It is as she reminded me this is why I had the surgery to lose weight. Apparently the weight will come off fast so no complaints from me.
A big THANK YOU! to my beautiful wife (down 113 pounds to date) for all the support... she is simply amazing!
And a big thank you to all my friends and family for their support and encouragement. Hope you all continue away in your own battle against the bulge.

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